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Here are some of the nice things people have said about us....

“It was fun, and a laugh, doing silly things like role play, story making, drawing and taking photos out in the local community. The book we created really reflects people's reality".

Christmas Storymaking Group, Fife Gingerbread.


“Working with Anim8s was a fantastic experience for all involved. The project provided children and young people with the opportunity to develop their creative skills in a supported and nurturing environment. Martin was patient and understanding, he adapted sessions to meet the needs of individuals involved and showed his ability to work with children and young people with additional support needs. I noticed a huge increase in participants' confidence. We are all so proud of the book we have created!”.

Alison Miller, Service Manager, Seal Dunfermline.


“The children and young people learned that they can do things and developed real confidence from devising and starring in their own stories. They loved it”.

Alison Murphy, Deputy Manager/Young People's Service Co-ordinator, Families First St Andrews.

"Working with Anim8s really helped us promote literacy in the context of family learning and the process devised by the project artists had a real impact. The parents were able to do something of real value, raising the profile of the community and the school. One parent, initially reluctant to join a group activity went on to read the finished book, ‘The Templehall Trash Troll’ to groups of children in both the Nursery and the adjoining school showing just how much value she placed on the work she and the group had done". 

Toni Middleton, Depute Head of Centre, Fair Isle Nurture Centre.

“Everyone at Seal would like to thank Martin for for his kindness and his ability to make everyone so comfortable while working on their stories and models”.

Adele Lang, Activities Co-ordinator, Seal Dunfermline.

“Taking part in the project was a great experience. It really turned things round for me, made me feel good about myself".

Steven, Former Project Participant.

“Working with Anim8s was a great experience for all involved.  Seeing the increased confidence in the young people when they learned new skills gave everyone a boost.  The finished magazine not only showcased the skills that the young people had learned, it also helped promote our service throughout the local authority area".

Callum McKenzie-Milne, Action for Children.

"One pupil who had participated in the Seal Stories project came into school today excited to show me the story he had created. It was fantastic to be able to share this with him. The work you all put into this was great. He was so animated and it was wonderful he wanted to share this with staff and other pupils. What a fantastic and positive experience for the young people involved!"

Karen Brown, Guidance Teacher, Inverkeithing High School

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